Idealcoin is the token that represenents its value backed by Data Mining transforming profiles into cryptocurrency created directly in PayMHO, a social network and marketing platform that protects profile data ownership to its participants. It functions with two tokens: IDEALCOIN (ERC-20) and TALENT (native stablecoin).


Idealcoin is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain which represents the value of the PayMHO Social Network user information.

What is PayMHO?

PayMHO is a new type of Social Network that houses two tokens: Talent and Idealcoin. While Talents can’t be withdrawn directly through PayMHO, they can be exchanged for Idealcoins at a special discount that will start at 10% and diminish until it reaches 0%

How to obtain

Idealcoin will be available through the following methods:

1. Bounty campaigns
2. Private sales
3. Public sales
4. At select exchanges
5. Through user activity in PayMHO

Why PayMHO?

Today’s social networks misuse users’ information and sells it to big companies. PayMHO cares about your identity and also rewards you for the information that you input in the platform.


The Idealcoin Team is well aware that a crypto token not listed on an exchange is pretty much worthless. We currently have established partnerships with exchanges and we also are in talks to get our coin listed on other exchanges.