Idealcoin is the token that represenents its value backed by Data Mining transforming profiles into cryptocurrency created directly in PayMHO, a social network and marketing platform that protects profile data ownership to its participants. It functions with two tokens: IDEALCOIN (ERC-20) and TALENT (native stablecoin).

It’s time to repay the value of profiles to the people who generate them. It’s time to manage data properly and professionally through a platform that grows organically, accurately, honestly, and sustainably. A platform that is available to everyone. PayMHO will revolutionize the use of collective knowledge, offering a highly efficient and reliable use of market research. In addition to being fun for users, PayMHO will optimize the resources and marketing efforts of companies, institutions, governments and individuals.

On top of all that, participating INFLUENCERS will be earning every day.

Alpha version is now available

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PayMHO Highlights

Watch the video to learn everything about the PayMHO platform.

A Job That Anyone Can Do

Crafting profiles and participating actively in PayMHO can be done by anyone

Become A Profesional Influencer

Get Crypto and Fiat with our unique PoC system, allowing anyone the opportunity to join the crypto ecosystem

Get Payed For Your Opinion

By honestly drafting and answering questionnaires, INFLUENCERS can accrue TALENTS which can be exchanged for idealcoin or fiat

PayMHO For Bussines

Business, institutions, corporations, and governments will get the most accurate, trustworthy, and secure data through the blockchain

Easy And Intuitive Platform

The collective consciousness will provide scientifically processed data through an easy and friendly user platform

Secure Token Marketplace

The DeanChain 444® protocol will make immutable, traceable and secure PoC Talents that can be exchanged for FIAT, or for the commodity token known as IdealCoin, valued in every exchange platform

Talent.The House Token Created By PoC (Proof of Craft®) for PayMHO.

TALENTS are the coin created within the PayMHO platform through our PoC (Proof of Craft®) technology. TALENTs are awarded to an INFLUENCER that submits a useful post. Think of TALENTS as the transformation of your content and profile information into something of value. These TALENTS can be converted into ideal coin or fiat currency. TALENTS will accrue value at a sustainable rate since they are strictly confined to the PayMHO platform.


IdeasReward will be releasing PayMHO Alpha and Beta trial versions in an effort to get the best Minimum Viable Product “MVP” by early December 2018, alongside IdealCoin’s first appearance in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Get an invite to the Alpha and Beta versions. Receive rewards while becoming a founder influencer of this revolutionary platform.


Income and royalty options

Craft answering
Craft questioning
Craft networking
Craft viewing
Craft ideas
Craft your profile and collect royalties forever
Proof of craft

Idealcoin - PayMHO Architecture

By crafting on the PayMHO platform, influencers generates valuable marketing data and they are rewarded with TLN. Marketing data can be purchased by companies only with IDC, that is what gives IDC its real value. TLN can be exchaged with IDC and both can also be purchased with FIAT.